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Where to start with this place?


From the moment we stepped off the plane in Copenhagen I was floored by the careful attention to detail that seems to apply to the entire city. It's spotless, its transit map looks like something out of an urban planner's dream, and cars have so little prominence that in the first couple of hours I found myself asking why the city felt so deserted.


A few glances into establishments along the neighbourhood of Vesterbro stifled those thoughts pretty quickly. Most were completely full. These feelings of anxiety around "the streets being dead" were actually informed, subconsciously, by the wide open space created in the absence of cars. In their place, rows upon rows of parked bicycles along unfathomably wide sidewalks. A city designed for people.


Music wise, Copenhagen has a lot going for it. We saw Dasha Rush perform a three hour set at Culture Box before ending up at Jolene the following day for Terekke and co. We even made some friends - some outgoing tourists visiting from Berlin.


I could go on and on about this place. The cycling, the music, the food, the beer, the politics - there's simply too much to tell.


In the morning we catch an early flight to Stockholm. We're both excited for it, but for the first time the pace of this trip is catching up with me a little. I'm not ready to leave Denmark just yet. Then again, I might never feel that way.


Doug Estey

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