Doug Estey


A recent trip to the east coast for a friend's wedding was as inspiring as it was refreshing.


I rescued (and successfully captained) a runaway boat to safety, witnessed a great friend exchange vows with a wonderful person, enjoyed quality time with my family, met a photographer I've always wanted to make the acquaintance of, drank coffee and beer with old friends - even ate dulse as a bar snack. All in three days.


I really need to make it back to this place more often.

Saint John, my hometown, gets a bad rap. The industrial fist of a little oil giant by the name of Irving certainly takes its toll (while ironically providing an economic lifeline) to the region, and is often the first thing people notice when passing through - but there is so much to love about this place.


This is Jeff. Jeff knows Saint John better than the average human. I took a short walk around the uptown core with him, which revealed a number of exciting new developments in the city that had me shaking my head in awe.


Maybe it's the fresh take on old favourites, the unwillingness to believe in rhetoric about what residents will or won't want, or the wonderful things to come - but there's something here you wouldn't expect from a small port city. It's something that isn't going away, and I can't wait to see where it takes these resilient, inspiring people.


Until next time, New Brunswick. You will always be home.


Doug Estey

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