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Our first stop.

Technically, we flew in to Paris on Thursday - or we would have, if I hadn't made an embarrassing mistake with my passport, which I... won't get in to right now.


Anyway, we made it! And Milan was a lovely landing pad for the first couple of days. While there's arguably less sight-seeing to be had in Italy's economic capital, the entire city is a sight in itself. We took in Duomo + the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, spent an entire afternoon on the Naviglio Grande where we wined and dined with charming new friends from Zurich, and wandered around the gorgeous neighbourhood of Guastalla after a some delicious drinks at Hop - which exclusively serves handcrafted Milanese ales.


We also discovered the wonderful world of aperitivo, which for the uninitiated is a happy hour of sorts that involves a free snack buffet buoyed by a small premium on drink prices. Basically the same as back home, with more emphasis on snacking than drinking. And Italians have seriously strong snack game.


Overall, a delightful start to our week in Italy. Next stop: Rome.


Doug Estey

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