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As strange as it sounds, I think it's easy to be wary of a stop like Rome.


Home of the Pantheon, the Roman Forum, and the Colosseum - not to mention Vatican City and a sprawling array of other ancient ruins - it's a fascinating destination with the drawback of having its core flooded with tourists at any given time.


Now, having been here, dense crowds are the last thing on my mind. I've drank the koolaid. This place is truly awe-inspiring.


Arriving from Milan by train, we immediately shifted into sight-seeing mode: first touring the Pantheon and Trevi Fountain, then waking up early to beat the lines at the Colosseum. We walked among the ancient ruins of the Foro Romano and spent an evening in Ostiense drinking local craft beer at Hopside.


By far one of our best discoveries, due to Emma's prowess for this sort of thing, was a roadside bar called Tram Depot; two enthusiastic ladies slinging drinks from a little kiosk to sidewalk-seated locals and tourists alike. This would absolutely not fly in Canada.


We leave tomorrow on next leg of our journey: a high speed train to Venice. There's a highly talented videographer at our hostel who just returned from there, and the footage he's shown us is breathtaking. Can't wait.


Doug Estey

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