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It's been a rough week adjusting to life back in Toronto while Emma travels the UK (with my camera in tow.) An outworldly experience in a decommissioned power plant in the portlands was certainly due.


I slept on this last year, and I've regretted it ever since. While I'll never know what that weekend was like, this one - despite the massive shift in publicity it saw this year - still showed a ton of heart.


The Hearn Generating Station, as its name suggests, is unapologetically different from other music/art spaces you might find in Toronto. The existing structure, instead of being torn down or completely refaced in typical Toronto fashion, looks like someone took a giant saw and ripped through cable & steel. There's an eerie feeling here which was only amplified by the beautifully curated musical acts echoing throughout the building.


I saw people, eyes wide with confusion, wandering around in the darkness or covering their ears. Some undoubtedly sold their Saturday tickets after attending the first night. But many seemed to have stuck it out, and it's nice to see people step out of their comfort zone - even more interesting to see such a diverse cross-section of Torontonians come together for a shared experience.


Many people who attended both years fear that Unsound is growing up too fast. As a newcomer, I simply can't tell. But I do know that Unsound is beautiful, unique, and fulfilling - and I look forward to next year.


Doug Estey

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